Lest Best team

The Lest Best teaching team consists of sixteen experienced and professional teachers, all of whom specialize in Dutch as a second language. Our office manager is Liesbeth Ritfeld. She is responsible for the communication, organization and administration of Lest Best. Rachèl van de Kant takes care of everything in the field of registrations, intakes and course evaluations. The overall management of Lest Best is in the hands of Mike van Silfhout.

Hans Fledderus

I started as an NT2 teacher from a need to communicate with people. Before I started working as a teacher, I worked in the media, mainly as a radio producer. That is also about communication. It's actually the best thing there is: connecting with people. Whether through speech or through writing. I think it's very nice to give my fellow man a push in the right direction. To provide them with the necessary tools so that they not only live in the Netherlands, but also really become part of our society.

Fieke Boschman

Our students learn a language that is new to them. By doing this, they work on their future in the Netherlands. I like to witness that process. It is satisfying to guide the students. Having fun at learning is important to me. I am happy to engage my enthusiasm for the Dutch language.

Heleen Sanders

Teacher NT2

Alexandra Andersson

Growing up with both Danish and Dutch, I have been interested in comparing languages from an early age. For this reason, I decided to study Linguistics and after this I was trained to become a certified NT2-teacher. So, I turned my passion into my job. I love to combine this passion with the social-emotional aspect in my work; creating a safe atmosphere in the classroom, so that the students can learn Dutch optimally and will feel at home in the Netherlands.

Claudia Christern

Teacher NT2

Lennert Steijger

A good command of the local language and an understanding of the culture are esssential for newcomers to succesfully participate in a society. Having lived and worked abroad, I have experienced this myself. Now that I am back in the Netherlands I enjoy helping people from different parts of the world become proficient at using the Dutch language, and acquainted with the culture.

Edwin Lucas

The common thread in my working life is the Dutch language. Language fascinates me from early on: whether it is the language of a song or a conversation, from a child or a poem, or from students taking language lessons from me. It gives me a lot of satisfaction to provide language training. The enthusiasm, the effort and achievements of students I find very inspiring. And it is nice to see how people thanks to language lessons can enter a new world, with new opportunities.

Evelien van der Kist

The diversity in languages and cultural backgrounds of the students and their own way of language learning makes working as an NT2 teacher very interesting.
By learning the Dutch language and culture they build a future in the Netherlands. With enthusiasm I follow the jumps that students make in a relatively short period of time. As well as during the speech therapy as during the NT2 lessons, it is my aim to contribute to the speech and language development of multilingual speakers.

Anke Roerdinkholder

There is one skill that can give an enormous boost to your life in a new environment: communication. I enjoy guiding our students in learning the Dutch language. I want to make them aware of their learning process and have them experience themselves how to acquire the language best. In this way I hope to contribute to their personal development and success.

Andrike Barwegen

My love for language originated from listening to the stories my mother told me and, by the time I could read myself, by reading books. The access to the language opened a new world for me.
After I studied Dutch, I worked a long time as an editor, in particular for teaching methods. In 2012 I have done the training to become an NT2 teacher and developed myself to an impassioned teacher. For students the learning of the language is the access to their future in the Netherlands. It is fascinating to guide them.

Liza Henderson

Secretary student administration Rotterdam

Mieke Aafjes

Teacher NT2

Tjitske Zondag

Teacher NT2

Cariena Sanders

Teacher NT2

Dymph de Boer

In addition to my studies, I work in the secretariat at Lest Best. Among other things, I make sure that students receive their study materials on time and that they can see their results. In addition, there are a lot of other chores that I take on. There is always something new that I can keep myself busy with, so every working day looks different for me. This makes my job extra fun.

Rachèl van de Kant

As a Course Coordinator at Lest Best I handle all registrations for a course.
Students can contact me with questions regarding the application, the intake interview, certificates, attendance lists, course evaluations and questions about courses in general.
I really enjoy the contact with students. It also continues to amaze me how quickly students learn the language. No day is the same at our busy secretariat. That's what makes the work so fun and varied.
There is always a good and positive atmosphere at Lest Best. I am very happy that I can contribute a small part to the success of the students.

Liesbeth Ritfeld

It gives me great pleasure to work as an Office Manager at Lest Best. I take care of several proceedings at the secretariat and manage the administration. Students can contact me for travel costs statements. The invoices for our language courses are from my hand. There is always plenty of work at our office. It is very nice to see, or must I say hear, how quickly new students get the hang of the Dutch language.

Mike van Silfhout

If you want to work or study at a high level in the Netherlands, good command of the language is a requirement. At Lest Best we help newcomers to make their dreams come true in the Netherlands. We do this by teaching them the Dutch language in the best possible way and by challenging them to put their language skills into practice. As general manager I am responsible for the daily operations of Lest Best. Together with the team, I ensure that our language courses are of high quality, efficient and effective, and meet the needs of our students.