COVID-19 measures

COVID-19: small groups

There are currently no more restrictive measures in place due to the coronavirus. To prevent infections, we continue to work with small groups and maintain the basic rules: stay home with complaints, wash hands, clean well and often and disinfect the tables after every class. This is how we ensure the safety of our students and teachers.
Safety of students and teachers is paramount

How does Lest Best deal with the Corona situation?

Lest Best is a private language institute with its own locations that are not publicly accessible. Only those who are registered for a course or who have an appointment are allowed in the locations. We adhere to the corona measures that apply to this type of organization. This means that there are currently no restrictive measures in place. All lessons are given in class (offline). This of course does not apply to the online courses. We do take into account the corona virus and the permanent threat of infections. The Protocol responsible to a training / exam remains in effect. On this page you can read which rules and measures apply at Lest Best.

Corona protocol


All RIVM guidelines are followed. Lest Best follows the guidelines that apply to private educational institutions.

Small groups

The one and a half meter measure does not apply at the moment. However, the groups remain small and there are sufficiently spacious rooms available.

Online courses

You can also take all our courses online. This is a good choice if the travel distance is too far or the travel costs are too high. This also limits the number of students on location. If online education is possible for you, you can opt for this.


Hygiene is very important: wash hands well and often, do not shake hands, do not touch your face and stay at home when you have complaints.


The classrooms and toilets are often cleaned. All rooms have disinfectant hand gel, soap, paper towels and disinfectant sprays.


To make all rules and measures clear, all students are informed about the corona measures in force. Staff and teachers will also discuss the rules with students.

The Protocol responsible towards a training / exam

Concrete measures

Lest Best applies Protocol responsible to a training / exam. We recommend that you read this protocol carefully. Then you are fully aware of the measures and regulations for physical, classroom education.