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Frequently Asked Questions


Can I choose which course I want to follow?

During the information meeting you can do a test to determine which course suits your level, aims and expectations in the best possible way.


Am I supposed to buy the course material myself?

During the first class you will receive the course manual and book. The costs are included in the invoice.


What about VAT?

Lest Best is registered at the Centraal Register Kort Beroepsonderwijs (CRKBO) en is therefore exempted from VAT/taxation.



Do the courses always start?
Only in very exceptional cases, if there are not enough participants, the course will not take place.


What language is spoken in the lessons?

All our courses are taught in Dutch. Only in the beginner’s course, English will also be used during instructions. After the A0-A1 course students are only allowed to speak Dutch in our school.


What is the number of students per group?

The maximum number of students per group is twelve.


Will the teacher correct me when I make mistakes?

Our teachers will always correct your mistakes during classes and oral assignments. For each course there are a number of writing assignments. You will be instructed to make a second version of your writing assignments. The second version should be written on the basis of personal feedback and correction codes by the teachers.


How long will it take me (as a beginner) to become a fluent, confident and competent speaker in Dutch?

After three months, students reach A2 level. It will take another four months to attain B1 level and for B2 level another four months are required (in case of intensive day courses).



Is there free parking on location?

No. In Utrecht and Rotterdam there are sufficient public parking spaces available (paid parking).


Does Lest Best offer speech therapy?

During A0 to A2 classes we give a lot of attention to pronunciation and intonation. If you are still experiencing difficulties, we can offer you additional course material and exercises, or make an appointment for you with our professional speech therapist. Lest Best will not contribute to or share in the costs for such a therapy.


Tests and exams

What about tests and exams?

In all our standard courses students take several tests for grammar, vocabulary, writing, speaking, listening and reading (depending on the course).


What can I do in case my results are not satisfactory?

You can re-take the same course once again. But if your efforts or motivation are not sufficient or if the course goes too fast for you, we advise you to register at another school.


What is the difference between State Exam I (Staatsexamen I) and State Exam II (Staatsexamen II)?

The State Exam I corresponds to B1-level. State exam I allows you to take courses in Dutch at the level of intermediate vocational training (mbo). Staatsexamen II corresponds to B2 level. Students with B2 level or higher can attend higher vocational training or attend a university program in Dutch.


Is it possible for me to register for the State Exams (Staatsexamen) through Lest Best?

Lest Best offers courses that prepare students for the State Exams I and II (Staatsexamen) but you will have to register for the exam yourself through DUO. Look here for more information.


Do I receive a certificate when I complete my course?

Every student receives a certificate upon completion of the course and attending 80% of the classes. If your results are not sufficient or if you were absent more often, you will receive a "bewijs van deelname'.