Lest Best complaints regulations

Lest Best complaints regulations

We try to do our work and our services as well as possible. If it happens that you are not satisfied, we would like to hear from you. We will then try to find a solution together with you. But there is also the possibility to submit an official complaint in accordance with these complaints regulations. During the intake or registration we pointed out our complaints regulations. All Lest Best employees are also aware of this. You can find the regulations on our website at the bottom of all pages.

Article 1. Publication

The complaints procedure (this document) can be requested from Lest Best, which can be downloaded from the Lest Best website and is provided to every customer (student) during the intake or registration.

Article 2. Filing an official complaint

An official complaint is understood to mean: a written statement of dissatisfaction, made known to Lest Best by the client or his representative as such. An official complaint must be submitted in writing. You can do this by letter or by email:

  • Lest Best
    Newtonlaan 215, 3584 BH Utrecht
    t.a.v. de directie
  • By email to info@lestbest.nl t.a.v. de directie

Include at least the following parts in your letter:

  •    Your name and address
  •    Date of writing
  •    A description of your complaint

Article 3. Complaint term

The complaint must be received by Lest Best no later than 8 weeks after the incident and / or failure of Lest Best. Complaints submitted after 8 weeks or more can be declared inadmissible by the management. If the submitter could not have been aware of the incident, the eight-week period starts from the moment that the submitter could have been aware of the incident.

Article 4. Complaints procedure

The following complaints procedure applies:

  1. The Lest Best management coordinates the handling of complaints.
  2. The person submitting the complaint will be informed of receipt within two weeks of receipt of the complaint and will be informed of the next steps.
  3. If a complaint is not processed, the person submitting the complaint will be informed of this within two weeks after receipt of the complaint.
  4. The complaint will be handled by an employee who has not been involved in the origin of the complaint.
  5. The person submitting the complaint will receive notification about the handling of the complaint within four weeks of receipt of the complaint. If the complaint has not yet been (fully) settled, a message will be given about the current state of affairs and it will be indicated when the complaint will be settled definitively. The aim is to handle complaints within four weeks of receipt.
  6. The management is not obliged to handle the complaint if:

- it is certain that Lest Best or an organization or person who has performed work for the customer on behalf of Lest Best is not the subject of the complaint;

- the complaint relates to an incident that has already been dealt with in a previously submitted complaint;

- the incident for which the complaint is made occurred more than a year ago;

- at the request of the public prosecutor, the procedure involves an investigation or prosecution ordered by the public prosecutor.

  1. The submitting party may be given the opportunity to be heard.
  2. Place and time are determined by the practitioner. All parties can request access to all relevant documents relating to the complaint.
  3. The place and time of making available for inspection are determined by the practitioner.
  4. Each party can bring witnesses and experts for its own account.
  5. The hearing will be reported, a copy of which will be provided to all parties.

Article 5. Registration of complaints

Lest Best registers the nature, description, scope, consequences, actions taken and outcomes of complaints submitted. For the purpose of the integration mark, (part of) this information is shared with Blik op Werk. Complaints are treated confidentially and are kept for a maximum period of 24 months.

Article 6. Duration of regulations

These regulations are effective from September 21, 2020 and remain in force indefinitely and until these regulations are overwritten by new regulations. If the latter applies, this will be announced on the Lest Best website. Complaints that are pending at the time of adjusting the regulations fall under the old regulations.

Article 7. Disputes

If the complainant does not agree with the handling of the complaint, he / she can make this known to the management of Lest Best. The latter will then determine whether the complaints procedure can be restarted and another practitioner appointed. If it is not possible to reconsider the complaint, you can appeal to an independent third party: www.degeschillencommissie.nl.

Lest Best is affiliated with the Dutch Disputes Committee for Private Educational Institutions through the Dutch Council for Training and Education (NRTO). Their judgment is binding and any consequences will be resolved as soon as possible.

People who ar obligated to integrate by DUO can report to the Blik op Werk (line of arbitration) complaints line:

E-mail address:     klachten@ikwilinburgeren.nl

Phone: 030 - 3030 645

Monday to Friday

1:00 PM - 4:00 PM

In such cases, substantive information regarding the complaint is transferred to Blik op werk.