You can follow each course intensively, semi-intensively, in the evening and online

Dutch language courses for highly skilled migrants

A1 course | A2 course | A2-B1 course | B1.1 course | B1.2 Course | B2.1 course | B2.2 course | Exam training | B2-C1 Reading & Listening | B2-C1 Speaking & Writing | Individual course | Medical Dutch for AKV | ONA course

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Dutch course A1: A0 to A1

Learn to introduce, greet and say goodbye, make appointments, make a proposal, order and thank, ask questions, give information and do the shopping.

  • A0 to A1
  • 6-9 weeks A1
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Dutch course A2: A1 to A2

You learn to make clear that you do not understand something, express a complaint, ask and point the way, promise something, describe and present with "this / that is / are".

  • A1 to A2
  • 6-9 weeks A2
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Dutch course A2-B1: A2 to A2-B1

In the A2-B1 course you finish A2 level and start with language level B1. You learn to make a call, describe, give advice, ask a polite question and express a wish or unreality.

  • To A2-B1
  • 6-9 weeks B1
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Dutch course B1.1 and B1.2

Empathize and reassure, give an amplified response, agree or disagree, make contact, do not want or cannot say something, exchange something, discuss something, etc.

  • To B1
  • 6-9 weeks B1
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Dutch course B2.1 and B2.2

Giving a presentation, comparing, arguing, complimenting, being able to retell something, making small talk, exchanging experiences, discussing and describing graphs and tables.

  • To B2
  • 6-9 weeks B2
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Exam training B1 and B2

With this course you prepare yourself well for all parts of the NT2 state exam program 1 or NT2 state exam program 2. You get advice on strategies for the different parts.

  • B1 & B2
  • 6 weeks I & II
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Dutch course B2-C1 Speaking and writing

You learn to write good letters, e-mails and arguments with a clear structure and coherence. You will also learn how to give an interesting and fascinating presentation.

  • B2-C1
  • 6-9 weeks C1
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Dutch cours B2-C1 reading and listening

In this course you practice intensively with all kinds of interesting listening fragments and texts at B2 / C1 level. This way you improve your listening and reading skills in a short time.

  • B2-C1
  • 6-9 weeks C1
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ONA: Orientation on the Dutch job market

After 8 lessons you discuss your portfolio with your teacher in an individual final interview. With these 8 lessons and final interview, you are well prepared to take the ONA interview.

  • ONA
  • 8 weeks ONA
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Individual course

From B1 level you can choose individual lessons with us. For A1 and A2 level, a group course is a better choice. It is also possible to take a test exam if you do not follow an exam training or course with us.

  • Individually
  • 10 lessons IND
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Medical Dutch for AKV

Improve your language skills and work on building vocabulary in the medical, dental or pharmaceutical field (preparation for the AKV test).

  • AKV
  • 8 weeks AKV
Semi-intensive is also available online

Which type of course suits you?


Do you want to learn the Dutch language quickly and well? Then choose our intensive course. You learn to apply the Dutch language at a high level in a short time. This course has a high study load.

Lessons 3 times a week

6 weeks per language level

From A0 to B2 in one year!

Next courses:
May 27 - July 8 2022
July 18-August 26, 2022
September 5 - October 14, 2022
October 24-December 2


Do you want to master the Dutch language at a high level, but do you have less time for self-study through work or other training? Then choose our semi-intensive language program.

Lessons twice a week

9 weeks per language level

Switching later possible

Next courses:
September 13 - November 10, 2022
November 22 - February 2, 2023
February 14 - April 13, 2023
April 25 - July 6 2023


Our evening courses are intended for students who work or study during the day. The program is less intensive, has a lower study load and contains many activating teaching methods.

Lessons twice a week

9 weeks per language level

Lower study load

Next courses:
September 12 - November 10, 2022
November 21 - February 2, 2023
February 13 - April 13, 2023
April 25 - July 10 2023