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Do you or your partner have a nationality of a country within the European Union and have you lived in the Netherlands for at least 6 months in the past period? Then you may be able to use the STAP budget. You can then follow the course free of charge, because you can pay the full costs with the STAP budget. Read more about the STAP budget here.
Registrations for the language courses in July and September are already open. Do not wait too long to register, the number of available course places is limited. You can sign up for an intake interview via the page Register .

Start date

Intensive: July 18
Semi-intensive: September 13
Evening: September 12

Intensive: July 18
Semi-intensive: September 12

Classroom course

You can take this course with us in class in Utrecht and Rotterdam. You will be taught in small groups with dedicated teachers.

Online courses

You can also take this course online (Semi-intensive). You will then be taught two times a week in the online classroom. We also work with small groups in the online course.

Course costs

CourseCourse price5% korting 2e cursus10% korting 3e cursus15% korting 4e cursus
These costs do not include the course materials (different per course, also for online courses).

A 5% discount applies to every follow-up course. The discount can be up to 15% per course (see the schedule above). The discount remains valid until you (temporarily) stop learning at Lest Best.

Choose from intensive, semi-intensive, evening or online!

Which course do you choose?

When you register you can choose a course and whether you want to follow the course in class or online. During the intake interview we test your language level and discuss everything again. You can then always choose another course if you want to.




  • Startdatum: September 13
  • Schedule: Tuesday and Thursday
  • Lesson times: offline:
    Ochtend: 09:30-12:00
    Middag: 14:00-16:30
  • Lesson times: online:
    Middag: 14:00-16:30
  • Homework: 6-9 hours a week
  • Duration: 9 weeks




  • Startdatum: September 12
  • Schedule: Monday and Thursday
  • Lesson times: offline:
  • Lesson times: online:
  • Homework: 6-9 hours a week
  • Duration: 9 weeks

What do you learn in the A2 Dutch course?

Course information: Dutch A2

With this A2 course you develop your Dutch to A2-level. Speaking is the most important skill. You learn to ask for and give information (for example at your GP), to make it clear that you do not understand something, to express a complaint, to ask and point the way, to give your opinion and ask someone else's opinion, to promise, to describe, to present with 'this / that is / are' and talking about previous events and experiences. You practice grammarimperfectum and perfectum, separable and reflexive verbs and the use of "will".

During this course we work with the following course materials: the book Nederlands in Gang chapter 9-16 (including e-learning), the YouTube channel of Lest Best (grammar videos), Quizlet and the Lest Best study guide A2.

During this course you will take various tests and assignments: grammar, speaking, pronunciation and intonation and vocabulary. After completing the course you will receive a certificate with your results. We also look at your motivation and effort during the course. If these are sufficient, you can continue with the follow-up course: Dutch A2-B1.

  • Intensive language course
  • Personal guidance
  • Final interview with personal study advice
  • Certificate with achieved study results

Download a demo of the A2 study guide