COVID-19: small groups with a 1.5 meters distance

Due to the Coronavirus, fewer students are temporarily placed in a group. Each seat has a minimum distance of 1.5 meters to a different seat. In this way we ensure the safety of our students and teachers. An advantage for you as a student is that you will be taught in small groups! Curious about what else Lest Best does to protect your safety? Read our COVID-19 page.
What do you learn in the B2-C1 Dutch course?

Course information: B2-C1 Speaking and writing

Have you passed the state exam NT2 program II? But are you not yet satisfied with your speaking and writing skills? Then this course is a good choice.

You learn to write good letters, e-mails and arguments with a clear structure and coherence. You will also learn how to give an interesting and fascinating presentation. In addition, there are two conversations and group discussions. We use our own material in this course.

Next courses will start in November and February.

Lessons: 10

Costs: € 572,50

Costs of study material: € 15