Take this course with the STAP budget

Do you or your partner have a nationality of a country within the European Union and have you lived in the Netherlands for at least 6 months in the past period? Then you may be able to use the STAP budget. You can then follow the course free of charge, because you can pay the full costs with the STAP budget. Read more about the STAP budget here.
What are the possibilities?

Individual language course

From B1 level you can choose individual lessons with us. For A1 and A2 level, a group course is a better choice.

First we determine what you want to learn during an intake. The number of lessons can vary. The minimum number is ten one and a half hour meetings. In addition, a study load of at least one hour per week applies.

It is also possible to take a test exam if you do not follow an exam training or course with us. In two half-days you practice under exam conditions with a complete sample exam for program I or II that is assessed according to exam standards. We make a recording of your speaking exam so that you can listen to it. Afterwards we discuss your results, we give you feedback and tips.

You can take individual lessons from € 95 per lesson hour.