Take this course with the STAP budget

Do you or your partner have a nationality of a country within the European Union and have you lived in the Netherlands for at least 6 months in the past period? Then you may be able to use the STAP budget. You can then follow the course free of charge, because you can pay the full costs with the STAP budget. Read more about the STAP budget here.
Preparation for the AKV test

Medical Dutch for doctors, pharmacists and dentists

In this course you will improve your language skills and work on building vocabulary in the medical, dental or pharmaceutical field. You will learn how to give a short PowerPoint presentation on a topic in the field of healthcare. You will also learn how to have a good doctor-patient conversation, by means of role plays. You also write main ideas in articles and reports of conversations with patients.

This course prepares for parts A and B of the AKV test for doctors, pharmacists and dentists.

Please note:
- Participants must have successfully completed all parts of the State Exam II NT2. Your language level must be at least level B2 / C1.
- Deelnemers moeten daarom eerst een B2 / C1 Speaking & Writing course hebben gevolgd en hun taalvaardigheid op een goed niveau hebben gebracht.

The Medical Dutch course for AKV starts with sufficient registrations. The maximum number of participants for the course is 6. Send us an e-mail if you want more information or register for an information meeting (via the Register page).