Civic Integration Act 2021

Education route for higher education

Lest Best, together with Boswell-Bèta, provides the education route for higher education (HBO/WO) in accordance with the Civic Integration Act 2021. We currently provide this learning route for the U16 municipalities, the municipality of Gorinchem and the municipality of Molenlanden. This cooperation already existed for some time before the new Civic Integration Act and the bridging program for highly educated refugees who fall under the old Act is still being organized by both institutions. Lest Best provides the NT2 component, Boswell-Bèta the study skills, study orientation, deficiency education, etc.

The educational route consists of a number of parts. The first year is all about NT2 education and study orientation with the help of a buddy/experience expert. It focuses on developing the language level Dutch up to and including B2 level and taking the State Exam program II. Extension to the first half of the second year of the base year is possible. In addition to the NT2 education, the participants follow workshops and courses in study skills, basic mathematics, KNM and broadly orientate themselves on future study and career opportunities. In addition, the participants are supervised from the start by a permanent student supervisor. The participants are also linked at an early stage to a language buddy and a study buddy from the alumni network.

During the foundation year, participants take courses that form the basis for many studies in the Netherlands and in this way provide access to a large number of Dutch bachelor's programs in higher education. After successful completion of the basic year courses, participants have the option of taking extra courses during a specialization year. These courses are aimed at eliminating deficiencies of specific (particularly biomedical and technical) studies. The study program of the participants is composed on the basis of the admission requirements of the intended study programme. During the bridging program, participants collect separate recognized certificates that meet the requirements set by the selection committees of higher education institutions (Dutch certificate state exam NT2 program II, English certificate IELTS or TOEFL, national HAVO/VWO certificates James Boswell or CCVX).

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