Medical Dutch B2+ course

Course in preparation for language certificate B2+ for medical professions

This course prepares you for the Dutch language certificate for doctors B2+.
Na 9 lessen ben je klaar om de toets voor het taalcertificaat Nederlands voor medici (B2+) af te leggen.

Course content
In this course you will improve your language skills to B2+ level: reading and writing, listening and speaking. You work on building vocabulary in the medical and dental field. You give short PowerPoint presentations on healthcare topics. You will learn how to have a good doctor-patient conversation (using role plays). You will also read articles on medical/dental topics and develop your writing skills by writing short summaries and your own texts on medical/dental topics. You listen to medical presentations and lectures, have group discussions with your teacher and colleagues, practice small talk inside and outside the waiting and consultation room, and write medical transfers. Videos and podcasts help you increase your vocabulary and develop your listening and speaking skills.


The costs of the B2+ course, including exam and certificate for registration in the BIG register, amount to € 1,375. This includes study material.

Conditions / registration

  • Do you want to take the course? Then you must have successfully completed all parts of the State Exam II NT2. A B2 course (completed with satisfactory results) is also mandatory.
  • An intake test (speaking test) at B2 level is part of the admission procedure. You must pass this speaking test with a satisfactory result.

The course starts on September 6, 2024. The maximum number of participants for the course is 6. You will therefore receive optimal guidance.
Send us an email if you want more information or sign up for an intake (via the Register page).