Should you take our Dutch courses online or on-site?

Did you know you can follow all of our courses online? That could be handy when you’re planning on moving to the Netherlands and already want a head start with learning Dutch. And rest assured, you’ll learn as much in front of your computer as you would during one of our on-site courses! After all, our online classes are very similar to the ones that we teach in our schools

So what’s included with all of our online courses? And what way of learning might suit you best? Here’s some insight into how we teach our online classes. We also added some considerations that could help you decide whether you want to take our courses on-site or online!

How do Lest Best’s online classes work?

The most important thing to know about our online courses is that they are taught the same way as our courses on-site. Meaning you follow your classes live, over Zoom, in small groups that contain no more than eight students. That’s how Lest Best distinguishes itself from some other online course providers who only offer self-study. Instead, we use the combination of live classes, adequate self-study, and e-learning to provide you with the real-school-experience.

To share files and information, we use the Lest Best LMS (short for Learning Management System). It’s an online platform where you’ll also be able to access Zoom.

Our online classes are as interactive as our regular ones. You’ll have many opportunities to have conversations with your fellow students, mainly because we make much use of Zoom breakout rooms. Those are sub rooms that can be created during a class and are used for talking in smaller groups. 

If you’re taking a higher-level course, we’ll ask you to give online presentations, which you can do by making a video or PowerPoint presentation. You’ll also be able to work on group projects that involve writing, after which you’ll talk about them in class. Individual writing assignments with personal feedback from your teacher are included in our online courses as well.

What do I need to follow online classes?

If you consider following an online course with us, you should own a computer with a working webcam and a headset, and have reliable internet. A quiet room is also essential to make the most out of your online classes. And although we thoroughly explain to our students how to use Zoom and our online learning platform, basic digital knowledge is a must. To be able to make online tests, you’ll want to have some typing skills as well. All physical course materials will be sent to you by post.

What are the (dis)advantages of online learning?

A big plus when choosing the online learning option is that you’ll interact with more fellow students than you would in regular classes. That’s because the Zoom breakout rooms we provide will frequently pair you up with different students. Another benefit of taking online courses is the more effective use of digital tools and techniques that benefit your learning experience.

An extra upside is that you don’t physically need to be in the Netherlands or even Utrecht or Rotterdam to follow our classes. Online learning could be the perfect opportunity if you’re planning on moving to the Netherlands but are still currently in your home country. And if you’re already in the Netherlands but don’t live close to Utrecht or Rotterdam, following classes online could save you from making the trip to our schools.

A downside of online learning could be that the classes feel less personal because you don’t physically share a room with your fellow students. Learners who lack the self-discipline to study independently might also prefer the on-site classes. That’s because after following a class in person, you’ll have the opportunity of studying with your classmates. In our school in Utrecht for example, we offer plenty of seating possibilities to study together.

Will I benefit more from classes on-site or online?

If you’re the kind of person who enjoys studying independently and has no trouble using your computer, our online classes might be an ideal fit for you. If you feel more comfortable in an actual classroom and enjoy the physical togetherness when following lessons, our on-site courses could be more to your liking. That would also be the case for students who are less skilled in using computers or digital learning platforms. Whatever way you decide to follow our classes, we’ll make sure you get the most out of your chosen learning experience!

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