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Language school for highly educated foreigners

Lest Best was founded in 2000 with the aim of offering high-quality NT2 courses in Utrecht for highly educated foreigners.

Our target group consists of highly skilled refugees, expats and foreign partners of Dutch people. For everyone who values quality, we are the school to learn Dutch. Everything you learn can be used directly in your daily life.

We have one specialism: providing NT2 lessons for highly qualified non-native speakers. The students receive a lot of personal attention and the lessons offer varied work forms that suit different learning styles.

Lest Best has the Blik op Werk-keurmerk (4 stars and a satisfaction rating of 8.0), is CRKBO registered and has received the NRTO-keurmerk this year.

  • NT2 for highly skilled migrants
  • Small groups
  • Focus on speaking (in and outside class)
  • Diligent intakes
  • Progress monitoring
  • Multiple starting dates per year
  • Expert guidance
  • Certificate after the course
  • Continuous attention for quality improvement
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