Where can you take a course?

Lest Best is located in Utrecht and Rotterdam

At Lest Best you can follow a classroom course in Utrecht and Rotterdam. Also there is a possibility to follow online Dutch courses at Lest Best. It doesn't matter where you live, even from abroad you can take our courses!


Newtonlaan 215, 3584 BH Utrecht
Tel: 030-888 37 91


Teilingerstraat 124, 3032 AW Rotterdam
Tel: 010-307 13 87


For the online courses we use our LMS and Zoom.

Do you want more information?

Send your question by e-mail to office@lestbest.nl

The best way is to ask us your questions by email (office@lestbest.nl) or use the contact form on this page. We will contact you as soon as possible.