Why Lest Best?

Our language courses are intensive and specially designed for higher educated foreigners. We teach in small groups, with professional teachers and motivated students.

Small groups

We work with small groups of students. In this way we can give you plenty of attention and personal feedback.

Focus on speaking

During each class speaking is the main activity: replaying dialogues, conversations in pairs and short presentations starting from A2-B1.

B2 level in one year

You will attain B2 level after a year. You understand almost everything you hear and read and your writing and speaking skills are good.

Quality mark Inburgeren & Scholing en Opleiding

87% success rate

Lest Best has the Civic Integration label and the Blik op Werk training and education label. Lest Best has a success rate of 87 percent and a customer satisfaction rating of 8.1! Click here to read more about our NRTO quality mark and the CRKBO registration.

In class and online

Dutch language courses

At Lest Best you can follow a classroom language course in Utrecht and Rotterdam or online. View our courses here:

Dutch course A1: A0 to A1
Dutch course A1: A0 to A1

Learn to introduce, greet and say goodbye, make appointments, make a proposal, order and thank, ask questions, give information and do the shopping.

  • A0 to A1
  • 6-9 weeks A1
Dutch course A2: A1 to A2
Dutch course A2: A1 to A2

You learn to make clear that you do not understand something, express a complaint, ask and point the way, promise something, describe and present with "this / that is / are".

  • A1 to A2
  • 6-9 weeks A2
Dutch course A2-B1: A2 to A2-B1
Dutch course A2-B1: A2 to A2-B1

In the A2-B1 course you finish A2 level and start with language level B1. You learn to make a call, describe, give advice, ask a polite question and express a wish or unreality.

  • To A2-B1
  • 6-9 weeks B1
Dutch course B1.1 and B1.2
Dutch course B1.1 and B1.2

Empathize and reassure, give an amplified response, agree or disagree, make contact, do not want or cannot say something, exchange something, discuss something, etc.

  • To B1
  • 6-9 weeks B1
Dutch course B2.1 and B2.2
Dutch course B2.1 and B2.2

Giving a presentation, comparing, arguing, complimenting, being able to retell something, making small talk, exchanging experiences, discussing and describing graphs and tables.

  • To B2
  • 6-9 weeks B2
Exam training B1 and B2
Exam training B1 and B2

With this course you prepare yourself well for all parts of the NT2 state exam program 1 or NT2 state exam program 2. You get advice on strategies for the different parts.

  • B1 & B2
  • 6 weeks I & II
Find your way in Dutch society more easily

Learn Dutch and 'inburgeren'

Why would you learn Dutch, when everyone in the Netherlands speaks English?

Anyone who has learned Dutch can tell you so. If you speak the language, you will find your way in Dutch society more easily and you will feel at home faster.

Our courses are not only about learning Dutch, but also about the Dutch culture. There are courses at all levels from absolute beginners to C1 level.

Not sure what language level you have now and for which course you have to register? No problem. We always test your language level first, after which we give you appropriate language advice. Sign up for a free intake!

Dutch for businesses

Dutch for companies and municipalities

In collaboration with municipalities and employers, specific courses have been developed for foreign workers and highly qualified migrants. What learning needs does your staff have?

Dutch for businesses

Partners and clients

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We have a wide range of courses, from beginner to very advanced, intensive and less intensive, during the day and in the evening, in the classroom and online.

26 May, 2023

Intensive language courses
Intensive language courses

Are you higher educated in the country of origin and do you want to learn the Dutch language quickly and well? Then choose our intensive language program. You learn to apply the Dutch language at a high level in a short time.

  • Lessons 3 times a week
  • 6 weeks per language level
  • From A0 to B2 in one year!
  • May 26, 2023
  • 6 weeks
  • Utrecht, Rotterdam & Online

12 September, 2023

Semi-Intensive language courses
Semi-Intensive language courses

Are you higher educated, but do you have less time for self-study through work or other training? Then choose our semi-intensive language program. You can also take this course online and in the evening!

  • Lessons twice a week
  • 9 weeks per language level
  • Lower study load
  • 12 September, 2023
  • 9 weeks
  • Utrecht, Rotterdam & Online

Reviews and videos

I enjoy and like going to Lest Best because the way of teaching is simply great and you see a lot of improvement within a short time.

B1 student
B1 student NT2 State exam program 1 View this course

The focus on speaking Dutch is much more helpful to me than other Dutch language schools where i learned mostly grammatical rules.

B2 Student
B2 Student NT2 State exam program 2 View this course

I enjoyed the lessons. I really think the methodology is excellent, we had the opportunity to improve all our communicative skills.

B1 student
B1 student NT2 State exam program 1 View this course

I really liked the rhythm of the lessons how all parts were very well planned and timing was always perfect.

A2-B1 student
A2-B1 student NT2 State exam program 1 View this course