Dutch language courses for highly skilled migrants

Perfect Dutch

B2+ better speaking and writingC1.1 and C1.2 courseMedical Dutch for AKVIndividual course

Cursus Nederlands C1: B2 naar C1
Dutch course C1: B2 to C1

In de C1-cursussen (C1.1 en C1.2) oefen je verder met het geven van presentaties, het voeren van discussies en het […]

  • B2 naar C1
  • 6-9 weeks C1
Individual course
Individual course

From B1 level you can opt for individual lessons with us. For A1 and A2 levels, a group course is a better choice. […]

  • Individually
  • 10 lessons IND

Dutch for businesses

Dutch for companies and municipalities

In collaboration with municipalities and employers, specific courses have been developed for foreign workers and highly qualified migrants. What learning needs does your staff have?

Dutch for businesses