COVID-19: small groups with a 1.5 meters distance

Due to the Coronavirus, fewer students are temporarily placed in a group. Each seat has a minimum distance of 1.5 meters to a different seat. In this way we ensure the safety of our students and teachers. An advantage for you as a student is that you will be taught in small groups! Curious about what else Lest Best does to protect your safety? Read our COVID-19 page.
What do you learn in the ONA course?

Course information: ONA

In addition to our language courses, we offer you the opportunity to take an ONA course in preparation for the exam. Classes are weekly on Tuesday afternoons. In eight lessons, you practice with the eight themes of the ONA exam:

Lesson 1 Occupational orientation

Lesson 2 Professional image

Lesson 3 Your characteristics

Lesson 4 Your opportunities on the job market

Lesson 5 Professional competences

Lesson 6 Networks

Lesson 7 Apply

Lesson 8 Work culture

After 8 lessons you discuss your portfolio with your teacher in an individual final interview. With these 8 lessons and final interview, you are well prepared to take the ONA interview.

The starting level for this course is A2-B1. The study load is approximately three hours per week. This course is a preparation for the exam at DUO. This course does not entitle you to an exemption from the exam (like the 64 hours course).